Course Introduction

Welcome to an exciting new chapter in your life! The arrival of a playful, adorable puppy marks the beginning of countless cherished moments together. However, we understand that the journey of raising a puppy comes with its challenges. From frequent bathroom breaks to boundless energy, your puppy requires your attention and guidance to thrive.

At Bed & Biscuits, we recognize the importance of laying a strong foundation for your puppy’s development. Our Puppy Imprinting Program is meticulously crafted to assist you in providing the necessary tools and skills for your puppy’s early growth. This program focuses on instilling good habits, fostering socialization, and building a harmonious bond between you and your furry companion.

Age Range: 8 to 14 weeks

Duration: Two Weeks

Program Format: Private Classes at Our School with Assigned Home Assignments

Week 1: (5 Days)

During the initial week, we delve into both theoretical knowledge and practical training sessions:

  • Introduction to Marker Training
  • Comprehensive Potty Training Techniques
  • Effective Crate Training Methods
  • Establishing a Strong Environmental Foundation

Week 2: (5 Days)

The second week builds upon the foundation laid in the first week and addresses more advanced aspects:

  • Reinforcement and Proofing of Week 1 Concepts
  • Handling Common Behavior Issues (e.g., nipping, jumping, excessive barking)
  • Introduction to Leash Walking Techniques
  • Advanced Proofing of Concepts from Week 1 and 2

What to Expect:

By diligently following the principles and techniques taught in our program, both you and your puppy will embark on a journey of mutual understanding and growth. Expect to witness noticeable progress in your puppy’s behavior, leading to a happier, well-adjusted companion and a more fulfilled family dynamic. This course serves as a crucial stepping stone towards nurturing a well-behaved and socialized adult dog.

Course Fees: BHD 240 + 10% VAT.