Training Camp Levels 1-4:

Our Training Camp program stands as our flagship offering, and its popularity speaks volumes. Tailored for dog owners seeking comprehensive training for both their beloved pets and themselves, this program spans four levels. Through our innovative TMC training system, dogs undergo structured learning while owners gain invaluable knowledge and hands-on practice during the handover process and private lessons in weeks three and four.

This immersive board and train program involve your canine companion staying at our training school throughout the entire duration.

Canine Age: Above three months

Duration: Four Weeks


  • Fees for one Dog: BHD 420 (Plus 10% VAT)
  • Fees for two dogs of the same family: BHD 700 (Plus 10% VAT)

Level 1 (Week 1): Trainer and Dog (No Owner Present)

  • Establishing a Strong Relationship through Socialization
  • Introduction to Markers
  • Bench Training
  • Attention Training (Name Recognition) and Loose Leash Walking
  • Potty Training
  • Proofing Behaviors (Under No Distraction)

Level 2 (Week 2): Trainer and Dog (No Owner Present)

  • Teaching Commands: Sit, Down
  • Introduction to Car Training
  • Free Command (Stay and Release)
  • Home Training
  • Introduction to Agility (Bar Jump, Wheel Jump)
  • Proofing Behaviors (Under Moderate Distractions)

Level 3 (Week 3): Trainer, Owner, and Dog (4-5 Sessions)

  • Review of Levels 1 and 2 with the Owner
  • Leash Management Techniques
  • Recall with Finish
  • Out Command (Leave It)
  • Advanced Agility (Tunnel, A Frame, Dog Walk)
  • Sit in Motion
  • Proofing Behaviors (Under Moderate Distractions)

Level 4 (Week 4): Trainer, Owner, and Dog (4-5 Sessions)

  • Comprehensive Review of Levels 1-3
  • Advanced Proofing of Behaviors (Around Moderate to Medium Distractions)
  • Advanced Agility (Seesaw, Weave Poles)
  • Grooming Session: Owners will receive training from our professional groomers on basic care tailored to their dog’s breed, including bath and brush, nail trimming, and observation.
  • Continued Proofing of Behaviors (Under Moderate Distractions)

Upon completion of any of our training courses, graduates gain complimentary access to our group training classes held on Saturdays. Here, trainers and graduates work together in a supportive group setting, fostering continued growth and learning.

What to Expect:

Graduates of our training programs, both dogs and owners, receive lifetime support. Whether it’s addressing recurrent behaviors or navigating new challenges that may arise during maturity or hormonal changes, such as aggression, leash reactivity, fear behaviors, or anxiety, our team is dedicated to providing ongoing assistance and guidance.