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Welcome to Bed & Biscuits Dog Training School, where the timeless bond between humans and dogs blossoms into pure joy! Our cutting-edge facility is designed to cater to those seeking more than mere obedience training. We specialize in fostering a personalized partnership with your four-legged companion through our unique and effective training methods cultivated from our extensive global experience.

Our team of certified trainers are distinguished graduates of the world’s top dog training academies, ensuring unparalleled expertise and dedication to your dog’s development. Whether you have a cherished family pet, a service dog in training, or a canine companion with specific behavioral challenges, we’re here to provide tailored assistance. What are you waiting for let your pet join the best dog training in Bahrain

What We Offer

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The Training System

Training your dog effectively relies on three fundamental principles that underpin behavior modification and communication. These principles are essential whether you’re teaching basic obedience to a family pet or advanced skills for specialized roles like sport or police dogs below is the training system used at Bed & Biscuits Bahrain:


Timing is critical in linking a dog’s behavior to its consequences, occurring within 1.3 seconds for effective association.

Positive or negative behaviors must be followed by consequences within this timeframe to ensure clarity.

Voice markers like “YES” for correct behavior and “NO” for incorrect behavior help reinforce timely feedback.


Motivation influences your dog’s decision-making process and drives positive behavior.

Marking positive behaviors with “YES” and providing physical rewards like treats, toys, or affection is crucial.

Rewards serve as incentives, reinforcing desired behaviors and deterring self-rewarding behaviors like scavenging or destructive habits.


Consistency is key to establishing clear communication between owner and dog.

Consistently responding to behaviors, whether reinforcing positive actions or correcting negative ones, is vital.

Clear rules and consistent responses help the dog understand expectations and reinforce desired behaviors effectively.

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